why herbal medicine?

The root word of "medicine"  is "media" which means the middle way, or balance.  

Herbal medicine offers a balanced, sustainable path towards health. 

People seeking to take an active role in their health often turn to traditional forms of healing. While ‘herbalism’ comes in and out of cultural prevalence, using plants to heal and promote vibrancy is a birthright as old as our species.  For as long as we have been on this earth we’ve been tapping into this ancient wisdom of connection that not only offers us a safe, effective form of healing, but a chance to reconnect with the earth itself.  Herbal medicine is a simple, ancient form of deep listening: to our own bodies, to each other, and to the earth’s body..  

"Herbalism is based on relationship — relationship between plant and human, plant and planet, human and planet. Using herbs in the healing process means taking part in an ecological cycle. This offers us the opportunity consciously to be present in the living, vital world of which we are part; to invite wholeness and our world into our lives through awareness of the remedies being used." -Wendell Berry

what I offer

We begin with the story that is written in your face, pulses through your veins, and is mapped on your tongue.  From this gathering, we then ask the pertinent questions that get at the heart of your concerns, and begin to map out what plants are your allies in optimal health.  Whether you are looking to plants for sustained wellness for your constitution, or to aid you in uprooting imbalance, I am here to serve.

C alendula  officinalis

Calendula officinalis

Holistic Formulations

Holistic medicine is characterized by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account emotional and social factors, constitutional and genetic pre-dispositions, and personal lifestyle. Using plants that are ethically sourced and grown, these ecologically sensitive formulas are made to have lasting effects with the least amount of environmental impact. 

Achillea  millifolium

Achillea millifolium

Personal Healing Plans

As true healing is a holistic process, together we create a healing protocol that might include personalized herbal formulas for your specific needs, community support plans, mindfulness practice, nutritional guidance, and a movement plan to keep your body free from stagnation (often at the heart of disease).  You will feel empowered and supported on your path to deep wellness.  

"There are tried and true ways to work with herbs, but plants are not static beings, and like us, they thrive on innovation because plants are themselves creative. They create their own food out of sunlight and minerals. They paint our world with color and fill it with scent. Each herb has its own style, interests, and affinities. They are true artists.  The importance of working creatively with herbs is that it moves us from a linear way of thinking to a more holistic awareness. We are more than the symptoms we struggle with, and plants are more than remedies for symptoms."  -Rae Diamond