Consultations in herbal medicine

In these sessions, we will identify imbalance from a holistic, energetic perspective.  Holistic medicine is that which takes the whole living system into account.  Energetic medicine refers to the 4 main qualities that are inherent in every living system, from cellular to systemic:  hot, cold, wet, and dry. Using tongue, pulse, and facial diagnostics, and somatic based talk therapy, we will come up with a healing plan that is easy for you to implement into your daily life to have a lasting, deep effect on your physical, mental and spiritual wellness.  Initial consultations are 1.5 hours of in depth constitutional inquiry designed to give insight into the way that your body systems are working together.  For children, we adjust a consultation to meet their attention span, often playing in the garden or making medicine while consulting.  Initial consults can only be done in person.  Follow up appointments are usually one hour and scheduled in person from one to four weeks after initial session, depending on your personal treatment plan.  Follow up appointments can also be arranged via Skype or phone.

Your body is the map, the plants are the path.

Healing plans will focus on personalized herbal formulas for your specific needs.  Herbal remedies may be in the forms of tinctures, teas, medicinal baths, and topicals. Complimenting this protocol may be medical chi gong exercises, community support plans, mindfulness practice, and nutritional guidance.  If you come with a first aid injury, I’ll likely utilize poultices and bodywork to support your healing process.


Herbs are especially effective in the treatment of:

reproductive and fertility issues

sleep disturbances


weight control

hormone balancing



common childhood ailments

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sebastopol home office