some words from clients

"Frieda has been instrumental in my postpartum recovery and helping me to stay healthy while mothering.  Her syrup keeps my iron up as it sweetens my tea, and I am drawn to add it to my daily life in a way so unlike the chore of taking a bitter pill.  Pregnancy took a big toll on my liver and kidneys and Frieda’s custom formulations have worked to deeply nourish and repair my body beyond my hopes.  Frieda is an extraordinarily present and gifted healer.  She embodies traditional medicine at its best - practical, humble, accessible, deeply rooted.    My child has a strong and fiery temperament with a tendency toward dry itchy skin and overextension.  Frieda’s consultations have been amazing for us - blending the energetic, dietary, and herbal into a comprehensive picture that has helped us through food allergies, eczema, anemia and behavioral changes. She has become my go-to resource for all child health issues."    ~Leah


"i became interested in Frieda's offerings when i first saw she'd lead an herb walk in Berkeley's Strawberry Canyon.  i started getting so much from her wise notes shared in periodic emails about her Taproot Medicine work.  After i saw her start offering sliding scale herbalism consultations, i decided to ask her advice on constitutional and acute condition support.  She was quite thoughtful in discussing, also corresponding about questions with me over email, and in follow up about the formulas.  Frieda's commitment to supporting health, of individual clients and as a habitat steward, has impressed me, and her suggestions have contributed to my systemic support."     ~S.Q.

and students…

Frieda’s Chi Gong classes are marvelous. I have felt truly supported - heart mind body and spirit.  She’s an excellent teacher who makes this practice accessible, informative, relevant and deeply healing. Also, practicing under the oaks is a true delight for the senses!"  -A.S.

"I love Frieda's class because it engages my mind, my heart, and my body all at once.  I'm able to slow down, focus and relax. Now and then, when all of us in the circle are moving silently in synchrony, time stands still for awhile."  -J.R.

"Qigong with Frieda not only brings me more deeply into my body but also into harmonious relating with the living worlds beyond my body. Frieda is an amazing teacher whose diverse background really adds to her classes which I always walk away from grateful that I came."  -M.E.