I see clients in Sebastopol on Tuesdays at my home office and Fridays at

Radiant Health Holistic Community Center.  


Session Pricing

I employ a three tiered payment system, based on your income.  In order to make traditional, holistic care available to underserved communities, I ask that you pay at the highest level you are able, knowing that your money is not only supporting your own health, but that of others in need as well.  In doing so, you are supporting the health of your community as well as your own.  Thank you for your support.


Privileged:  $90

Abundant:  $70

Just enough:  $50


Privileged:  $180

Abundant:  $120

Just enough:  $80


Suggestion for payment on the three tiered system:

Privileged:   Household income exceeds $90,000

Abundant:  Household income between $40-90,000

Just enough:  Household income under $40,000

Privilege is, by the social justice definition, the advantages people have that they don't often think about because they never have to experience the oppressive side. Understanding it requires an active effort to see things from the perspective of other, underprivileged people.  Opening to privilege - though it's a concept that is very counter-intuitive to privileged groups - is a vital step in creating social change.


Tinctures - $10 oz.

Teas - $5 oz.

Salves - $10 oz.

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